• Tips For Pre Sale Prepardness

    Tips for Pre-Sale Preparedness

    What do we do when we are looking for love, go out to meet others and attract their interest?  We make sure we look our best, present our best effort and highlight our endearing qualities to “reel in” the perfect catch. The real estate market is no different.  When you are selling a home, you are looking for the perfect buyers to show interest in your home and you hope to share with them what it is you love about the house.

    Like meeting a new person in the dating scene, selling a home can be a hit or miss game but unless you make the effort to present your home in the best light, you may be in for a string of not-so-perfect buyers that are less than interested in making an offer.  Here are some things you can do to make sure that buyers get that twinkle in their eye when they first set their sights on your home.